Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Part 2: The Dragon

Max stood up and put the bandages away in one of the many holes in the wall. And he wished once again that he knew how to talk. It's not my fault. I was never taught how. Still, the strange, pale boy who had run into him made him desperately wish he could say something. The kid had been terrified, but he hadn't run. Why hadn't he run? Everyone runs when they see me, everyone except him, at least. Taking the boy's knife had been fun. I never get to have fun anymore. The look on his face when I took his knife was hilarious. But he's too slow. If he had been faster, I wouldn't have fallen and stabbed myself. Max looked at the scar on his stomach. Lucky I heal fast enough for it to have stopped bleeding. I only hope it heals completely before Violet gets here, she said she was coming over to check on me. Like she has to, sheesh, I can take care of myself, for crying out loud! Now, what to do with this guy... The boy moved slightly as he slowly regained consciousness Oh no! I don't know what to do yet, damn it! Crap, oh crap, oh crap! I am going to be so dead when Violet gets here! Shit!
Jeff woke on his back in a small, dark cavern. He could hear the quiet sound of running water over rock. His eyes adjust to the darkness as he remembers what happened the night before. Jeff tries sitting up, leaning hard on his left arm. A bolt of pain tears through him, and he gasps from the shock of it and quickly lays back down. He looks and sees that it's been rather messily bandaged.

A noise causes Jeff to look up, and he sees Max, with a plate standing next to him. His face has gone completely blank and nothing in it shows the faintest hint of emotion and barely shows any of life. After several seconds of Max standing like that, he snaps out of his trance and sets the plate of food down next to Jeff, then, despite Jeff's protests, makes him sit up, then backs away a little and sits down cross-legged, facing Jeff. He takes his knife and stares both at it and at Jeff.

Jeff looks at the food, and then looks back up at Max. “I'm not going to eat that.” Nothing. “It's probably poisoned, I mean, you did try to kill me.” Max shrugs and continues staring. “What the fuck are you doing?” Once again, no response. “I'm not going to play this game, fucker. Say something.” Max shook his head. “Why? Just say something, and I’ll leave you alone.” Max shook his head again, then pointed to his mouth and shook his head again. “You can't talk... Are you fucking serious?!” Max shook his head once again, pointed to himself, then his head, then his mouth again. “So... you can talk... but you just don't know how?” A nod. “So... in other words you're a retard?” At that comment, Max's face turn crimson with anger and he turned his back to Jeff, then flipped him off. “Well, fine than.”

A sudden noise makes Max leap to his feet and then, in one motion, he crosses to Jeff, pulls him to his feet, and throws his knife into a hole in the wall. Staggering from sudden and extreme vertigo, Jeff struggles to stay upright. Max looks at him for several seconds before quickly putting his hood up.

Max struck a match and lit a lantern hanging from the cavern roof. Jeff could see in the faint light a tall woman walking towards them. She came closer and Jeff could see her clearly. She had purple hair that came down to her knees, and grey eyes. She had paper white skin and wore a navy blue sleeveless dress. She didn't seem to notice Jeff.

“Hello, Max. I hope you haven't been causing trouble.” Max shook his head, indicating that, no, he hadn't been causing trouble. Yes you have, fucker, cause I’m the worst trouble you've ever met. “Good... what are you looking at?” Max quickly looked away from Jeff, but it's too late if you're hoping she wouldn't notice me, cause she did. “Oh, how rude I’ve been! Sorry, I'm Violet, what's your name?”


“Lovely. I do hope Max hasn't been difficult. If he has, you'll have to excuse him, it's in his nature.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he's a vampire, so he tends to be a bit cold-blooded, and cold-heated, when it comes to his friends.” Max rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out at Violet at hearing her description of him. “Oh, and, he is quite rude to people who care about him. No wonder you're parents left you.” Jeff was now feeling very awkward, but before anything else could be said, a faint but clear call reaches their ears, accompanied by a siren that sounded like someone was dying a very horrible death, “DRAGON!” Upon hearing this, Max immediately runs towards where the call came from. “Maximus, what do you think you're doing?! Come back here!” Violet runs after him. Out of curiosity, Jeff decides to follow them and see what Violet was getting all worked up about.
Jeff reached the entrance just in time to see Max scrambling up a tree. “Max, get back down here, you're going to get yourself killed!”

“What is he doing?”

“I don't know, but I do know that it cannot be good, for anyone. Max, listen to me, you're going to get hurt, or worse, killed! Are you listening to me?! Get down here!”

A roar that seemed to shatter the night sky echoed out. Violet pulled Jeff farther into the cave mouth with her as a giant shadow blacked out the moon.

Max reached the top of the tree just as he heard the roar. C'mon beastie, come get me. I'm wide open you stupid creature. COME AT ME! I FUCKING DARE YOU! He got his wish. It saw him and headed directly towards him. Now it's playtime, big boy. MY playtime, not yours, not this time!
All Jeff saw was that one second Max was sitting in a tree, taunting a... Jeff couldn't see what it was, but whatever it was, it was fast, and the next, both Max and whatever had terrified Violet were gone. He left without giving me my knife back. I don't care if he wanted to go get himself killed, but couldn't he have at least given me my knife back? No, because he is a fucking bastard and I hate him. Thank God he's dead. Put the world and me out of our misery. Jeff decided to look for somewhere else to stay while he looked for a way out of wherever he was. And God forbid Max not be dead and I see his face again. If I do, I’m gonna make sure he's dead.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Max's note

Each part has dividers that coincide with what character told their point of view.

The name of who wrote the part is written at the end in small type.

If you guys like this story, let me know and I'll publish my story. I've got to write it down first, though, so it may be a while before I get it published after you guys request me to, but I will publish it sooner or later.

Violet- Sorry Michael forgot to include your name in the note thing that he did. This time it wasn't my fault. This time.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Part 1- The Well

Excerpt from local news- “Family found slaughtered in home!” screams the headlines. “All but one of a family of four was found brutally murdered in their home last night. The fourth member of the family, Jeffery (12), is missing, and prime suspect in the investigation. Jeff has brown hair and blue eyes and a pale white face. Anyone with information on his whereabouts, please call the number below.”

It was a still and quiet night. Nothing moved except a white-faced kid in a, what used to be white, hoodie. His unblinking eyes stare into the night out of his scarred face. This is Jeff, and he did not look like this only a short time ago. The knife in his hand wasn't bloody then either. Until only a few minutes ago it had been sitting in the drawer in the kitchen. Jeff holds the knife tight as he runs away, away from home, and from the corpses of his family that seem to chase him.

Suddenly, something pierces his left arm right below his shoulder. Jeff screams in pain and surprise as he reels backwards, and sees what stabbed him. In the moonlight, he can see a large, razor-sharp, ornate blade now covered in his blood. It appeared to be floating, as if carried by a ghost, until it's owner stepped towards Jeff, seeming to materialize out of the darkness and shadows. The figure's features illuminated by the moon both shocked and horrified Jeff. It was a kid, about Jeff's age, with skin as pale as that of a rotting corpse. His unevenly cut hair was a dark brown with dirty blond underneath. His eyes were slanted like a cat's and completely gold, no pupils or whites. He had a huge shark grin with a pair of fangs. He was a little shorter than Jeff, but he seemed like was at least twice as cunning and deadly. He wore a black t-shirt with a vampire smiley face on it. He had a gun in his pocket, and Jeff would have bet that that gun was fully loaded and the safety was off. Underneath his right eye, he had a scar that had long since needed stitches. It was this scar that made Jeff want to run, made him feel like a child again, but the boy's eyes stared into his and forced him to freeze.

Several minutes passed before Jeff was able to speak, and when he did, it came out as a hoarse whisper. “Who the hell are you?”

The boy said nothing, but Jeff could hear him chuckling quietly to himself. “Hey, dumbass, I asked you a question.”

The boy broke out into insane laughter, then took a match from his pocket, stepped back into the shadows, crouched down and struck it, illuminating the wall and ground behind him. A woman lay, dead, on the ground directly behind him. On the wall just above the woman were the letters MVE. A cold chill ran down the back of Jeff's spine. THIS was MVE? MVE, Maximus Vampyre Emerson, the most infamous serial killer that had ever existed? Max's reputation was enough to make even Jeff's blood run ice cold.

Max watched Jeff and laughed harder at his fear. Jeff griped his knife tighter, ready to fight for his life if he has to. Then, suddenly, Max grabbed Jeff's knife and ran off towards the nearby forest, followed closely by Jeff. Smiling and laughing, Max ran for an old well in the middle of a clearing in the forest. He tripped, losing his grip on Jeff's knife and impaling his stomach with his own. Jeff arrived at the clearing just in time to see his knife fly down the well. He turned to Max, intending to rip his throat out with his bare hands, but Max was gone. Jeff decided to take the opportunity to see if he could get his knife back.

Jeff leaned forward, trying to see his knife through the darkness of the well. Then, literally out of nowhere, Max pounced, hitting Jeff square in his back and sending them both tumbling down into the well. The last thing Jeff knew before blacking out was that he was in hell.

Written by Michael.

Writers' Note

This story was written by several people based on what those in the story told them. It may contain biased opinions and, because of psychological reasons, we cannot say that every part of the story is true. But, we are assured by those sane enough that this event actually happened. The opinions and information within the story do not reflect the writers' opinions, grammar/language skills, or story-telling ability. This is a mostly word-for-word account of what they were told. Thank you.

Written by:
            Alice Liddell              And   Michael Emerson

From stories told by:
Maximus Vampyre Emerson                              Jeff The Killer

Pictures by:
Sharky Jackson

All rights go to me. This is my story, and my characters (excepting Jeff The Killer, Slenderman, and BEN).