Saturday, June 1, 2013

Writers' Note

This story was written by several people based on what those in the story told them. It may contain biased opinions and, because of psychological reasons, we cannot say that every part of the story is true. But, we are assured by those sane enough that this event actually happened. The opinions and information within the story do not reflect the writers' opinions, grammar/language skills, or story-telling ability. This is a mostly word-for-word account of what they were told. Thank you.

Written by:
            Alice Liddell              And   Michael Emerson

From stories told by:
Maximus Vampyre Emerson                              Jeff The Killer

Pictures by:
Sharky Jackson

All rights go to me. This is my story, and my characters (excepting Jeff The Killer, Slenderman, and BEN).

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