Monday, July 29, 2013

Part 3: The Woods

The sun had just begun to rise when Max next saw land, and what land he did see was mountainous. As he flew over, he looked for somewhere he could land and give the dragon a break. It had taken forever for Max to calm him down when he found out Max was on his back. But, after that, riding a dragon was pretty easy. He'd decided that he should name the dragon something, since he planned on keeping it as a pet, and settled on the name Killer. Hey, there's a clearing! The mountainous region had given way to a dense pine forest. Killer was headed right for the clearing, and Max felt bad for him since he knew he'd probably pushed Killer to go too far without stopping.

Killer landed in the clearing and Max slid off his back. Killer walked towards a small stream, and Max followed, not wanting to lose his new pet. As Max reached the stream, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He looked, and saw a little, blond haired boy all in green staring at him with black and red eyes.
Neither said anything for several minutes, but an idea began forming in Max's mind. He wasn't quite sure what it was, and he didn't like that. No, God, please no, don't let me have an episode, not now! Oh please, God no, I beg of you!
Well... at least he didn't die. Max was headed back home on Killer. The boy was laying passed out behind him. Why do I always do this? He knew that he had been in an insane asylum for several years for some reason, but that was just the problem, he had no idea why he did such things, and it pissed him off.

At least it didn't piss him off as much as his older twin brother did. Michael was an ass. Sure, he hadn't seen Michael for years, not since he was in the nuthouse, but he knew and remembered enough about Michael to hate his very existence. He was sure Michael was part of the reason why he was locked up in that place and why he was supposedly insane.

He roused himself from his thoughts and saw the Western part of the Under Realm on the horizon. He was passing over a more familiar forest. He decided to land Killer in the middle of Slenderman's forest, even though he knew if Slendy found him in there, he'd be dead, but he couldn't land a dragon in the middle of town. Everyone would freak, and... and Zalgo would send for me. And when he finds out who I am, he'd kill me, or worse, send me back to the asylum, never again! Killer landed and Max got off and rolled the boy off. Killer took to the sky and Max dragged the boy over to a tree as he began to regain consciousness.

The boy regained consciousness slowly, and Max, desperate to get out of that forest before Slendy found them, pulled him to his feet and began to half drag, half help him through the forest.

They weren't quick enough. Just as soon as the boy could walk on his own, Slenderman appeared. And he was pissed.
What's going on? Ben didn't know. All he knew was that the guy with the dragon in the woods had made him black out and now they were in a different forest, minus the dragon, and there was a strange man in a suit standing in front of them. Or... was it a man? It certainly didn't look like any man Ben had ever seen. For one thing, he had no face. Max was trying to step around it, and Ben followed, but it kept blocking their path. “Hey man, what's the big idea?!”

The second the words were out of his mouth, he wished that he hadn't said anything. His vision went fuzzy and dark. Something grabbed him, pinning his arms to his sides. Then, just as suddenly, it let him go. When his vision had cleared, Max was holding him upright and the thing had disappeared. After he made sure Ben was okay, Max took off, motioning for him to follow. Just as long as that thing doesn't show up again. Ben ran after Max and out of the forest.

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